Travis Lim

  • Graduate Student, National University of Singapore
Hi! I’m Travis, a graduate student and teaching assistant in the Department of Psychology at NUS. I study intergroup relations, with a particular interest in prejudice and diversity (see Lim, Leong, & Suliman, 2020). Examples of questions that I’m currently investigating include: How do positive emotions influence outgroup perception? What are the unintended consequences of diversity? Beyond these research areas, I have also studied historical narratives (see Lim & Leong, 2021) and the use of psychology in applied settings (see Honours Thesis).
When I’m not chasing Open Science Badges, I spend my free time planning (my next trip), preparing (a stand-up routine), and playing (bridge or mahjong). Feel free to reach out for more information or a conversation. :)
Research Interests: Intergroup relations, prejudice, diversity